Tell me watcha think…

So there’s this amazing animator, Bill Plympton image

, who animates using hand drawn animation. But like, literally hand drawn. The final animation looks very rough, very pencil sketchy, and very cool. He has clips of his videos floating around youtube and vimeo, among other places so definitely check him out.

His newest work is a feature length film called “Cheatin’” image

 and he has a vlog (video-blog) on vimeo showing his process, which is awesome too. The link is here:

Anyway, I did a project on his work for school and got to illustrate some pictures in his style. The first ones are in pencil, which is what he almost always starts with: image

Then I scanned that and colored over it with colored pencils: image

And finally, I colored over that first image with photoshop using a technique that allows the artist to keep the tonality and lines of the pencil while still being able to color under it (this is how Plympton usually colors his feature length animations): image


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